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Consultation + Education

It is important to us that we provide you with an in depth consultation when you first visit our clinic, and continuing forward.


Our skins are forever changing due to factors such as environment, season change, medications and diet - therefore we need to continue our journey together with updated consultations.


During your consultation with us we like to educate you on the reasons we have chosen this regime for you, how ingredients will affect the cells and their systems, and our treatment plan moving forward.


At this visit we like to show you how to use your brand new products correctly.


DO YOU HAVE A SKIN CONCERN? Come and chat with Jess about what we can do to improve the over all health and wellbeing of your skin, using the Pastiche skin analysis method (a very thorough process) we can recommend in salon treatments and or products that will be best suited to your skin and its conditions Enjoy the benefits of cosmeceutical active ingredients and nature combined to improve, prevent, protect and repair your largest organ "the skin". We will be visiting your lifestyle diet and supplement intake among other things, and you will receive a detailed report on what we have discovered, and how we can move forward with a treatment plan just for you.


Skin Care Education

Learn how and why we have a skincare regime. You will be cleansing, exfoliating, applying a serum, eye cream and moisturising your own skin together with Jess, and learning why we do it and how it benefits our skin. this will be fun!!


I Need Product Please

Do you need a top up of skincare? this is the appointment slot for you, we need to make sure that there havn't been any changes going on with your skin, and that we are still on the right track to protecting your skin environmentaly due to season change. this will only take a short time and ensures we are on the right path to optimal skin health. Within our Dermaviduals range we need to "hand mix" ingredients into your bespoke cleansers, serums or moisturizers.


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