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Targeted Facial

Choose from a vast variety of different skin therapies that we have available using either O Cosmedics, Bare Roots, Elementals or Waterlily skincare.

Or have one of our expert therapists guide you with our Bespoke treatments. 

These facial practices are designed to treat your skin concerns at a deeper level, targeting skin cells and their systems to get long lasting and real results. 

Bespoke Facial For My Skin

Let our expert therapists decide what your skin needs today, using the product that best suits your skin and its needs. 


O COSMEDICS Bespoke Treatments 

If you’re wanting to take a step up from your usual facial, these infusions are your secret weapon to achieving your skin goals. The collection of O Cosmedics Pro Dermal Planning Infusion treatments has been created to work at six different levels, the more powerful ones working at deeper layers of your skin.

These bespoke treatments work to transform the skin and achieve cell optimisation, using natural fruit extracts together with pure, medical strength actives in biomimetic carriers (which means it imitates the skin – so your skin actually knows what to do with it).


The goal is to return skin to its normal function, tackling wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Each customised infusion includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a lush Alginate Rubber Mask.

Try a programme, building up your level of peel over time, and you’ll be on your way to serious skin improvement.


O-Biome Oxygen Therapy 


If you are looking for a next generation treatment that not only strengthens skin immunity, but resurfaces, firms, boosts radiance and restores the skins microbiome (vital to keep skin looking fresh and elastic even as you age), then this is the treatment for you.

These treatments use O-Biome Oxygen Therapy to optimise the skins natural regeneration process and rebuild the skin structure from within. In fact, O-Biome Oxygen Therapy works with a key focus on the O Cosmedics three tier skin approach to really boost long term skin health: to calm and soothe, heal and strengthen and correct and maintain (the most exciting part!)

Treatments take around 1 hour and 15 minutes and include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, an Oxygen Enzyme peel, a facial massage using the O-Rejuv Gua Sha Facial Device, and an O-Biome Oxygenating Mask with a customised skin activator that goes on with a fan brush providing full coverage for optimum lymphatic compression. The mask is left on for 45 minutes, where it is important to lie still to allow it to fully dry, tighten and for effective lymphatic compression.

Results are immediate, as well as cumulative, perfect for an instant boost but better as part of your long-term skin health plan.


The Nurturing Skin Facial

For our sensitive skin clients this facial is for you. If your in need of nurturing and restoring, let our facialist expert heal and repair your important skin barrier, using calming anti inflammatory natural and organic ingredients. This facial will leave your skin feeling hydrated, and balanced for reduced sensitivity and calmer skin.


The Minfulness and Meditation Facial 

Relax and restore by triggering your parasympathetic nervous system to go into a state of calmness, while our facialist takes care of your skin using natural and organic grounding ingredients targeted to your skin type. This is a whole body and mind experience using an open guided meditation, that will leave your mind feeling re-energised and your skin rejuvenated.


The Buccal Facial

EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF NATURAL SKIN REJUVENATION! Working on every facial and neck muscle to release tension, improve TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, face oval, smile lines and many more.

Discover the beauty that comes from within. Unleash the power of Facial and Buccal massages for you and your well-being.

Includes: a dry lymphatic stimulation massage, contouring (deep tissue massage of the face) and the Buccal - an inter-oral massage.

Learn why celebrities use this technique world wide for its skin rejuvenation benefits. 

Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Food Facial

These treatments are very relaxing and include a focus on lymphatic drainage techniques using massage and Gua Sha. 

With a vision to enhance lives through simplicity & innovation, Bare Roots offers a gentle & effective range of certified organic skincare products to support even the most troublesome, poor functioning skin. Founded by an Australian Dermal Therapist & Cosmetic Chemist, specialising in an extensive range of cosmetic skin conditions; including acne, dermatitis, rosacea, sun damage and ageing.

"We believe people deserve to use products that support not only ones wellness but other pillars of health and sustainability"


The Acne Facial 

For our clients that suffer from problematic skin with breakouts. This is a deep cleansing, active facial, catered for either dry or oily acneic skins. The fruit enzymes will help open up clogged pores and de-congest the skin without irritation. Once inflamed skin is calm the antioxidants will leave your skin feeling brighter, clearer and well balanced.


The Menopausal Facial

Menopausal and Peri menopausal skins require extra attention to restructure and regenerate our precious collagen and elastin levels. Our cell cycles are slower therefore skin is slower to respond, so a gentle nurturing touch/approach is required for the beautiful menopausal skin.


Your skin will feel hydrated and rejuvenated as the cells encourage the normal production of collagen. This will be a cooler Facial offering in temperature.


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