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Relaxation & Massage Based Facials

To Jessica, when thinking of the parasympathetic nervous system and our busy "on-the-go lives", the time that we set aside for us is just as important as using good skincare and filling our bodies with nutritious food.

The modern day world puts us under strain, leaving us feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and we forget to relax and take time for ourselves. Our Wellness Rituals are designed using aromaceuticals to trigger that parasympathetic nervous system to go into a state of calmness.

you will be asked to drift away in the safe space we hold for you and think about nothing but being calm.  The effects that this has on skin is of such benefit. 

Triple Berry Spa Facial

A decongesting skin treatment, targeting young acne, prone skin while also delivering anti-ageing benefits to mature skin, struggling with hormonal, acne, sensitivity, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dehydration, or pigmentation. The triple berry spa facial captures and intense infusion of the vitamins synergised with clinical cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, actives and aromaceutical touch points to create a remedial professional skin ritual to target problematic, acneic congested and inflamed skin types. A superfood smoothie of exotic berries, hyaluronic, acid, and lipoma nutrients. This clarifying treatment, transforms barrier function, calms, redness, equalises, and clarifies oil, while promoting skin brilliance, luminosity, hydration and healing. INFLAMED OR COMPROMISED BARRIER/OILY, CONGESTED OR COMBINATION/ACNE PRONE OR BLEMISHED/PIGMENTATION AND AGED SPOTS/ DEHYDRATED OR SENSITIVE


Rose Peptide

A decadent skin ritual, layered, and pure hypnotic, rose absolute with lashings of vanilla bean, rose geranium, and rosewood delivered in a cosmeceutical infusion of smart peptides and collagen to lift firm and remodel skin. The rose, peptide spa facial is a collagen and ducting professional treatment. Harnessing skin firming, clinical cosmeceuticals, nutraceutical actives, and aromaceutical touch points to create a groundbreaking rejuvenation ritual. Smart peptides, deliver the unique ability to stimulate collagen production, diminish, wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity. Formulated and a 10% multivitamin complex and intensified with Liposomal Collagen and trans-reseveratrol this skin perfecting ritual is imbued With pure rose, oil and raspberry to resurface, replenish and renew for plump rejuvenated and revitalised skin. FINE LINES IN WRINKLES/LACK OF FIRMNESS AND TONE/COMPROMISED BARRIER/PREMATURE AGEING/DRY AND DEHYDRATED


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